The $210,000 Question and the TimiHealth Solution

The question is why so much? Surprisingly, that $210,000 figure is the average cost in one year for the top 1% of Medicare patients. The average Medicare patient has a yearly cost of approximately $10,000. What is it about the […]

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Stop the Balkanization of Healthcare

Most people don’t really understand how healthcare works in the United States. The presumption is that if you see a doctor or go to hospital that the “system” is designed so that information across providers, doctors, labs, radiology centers, etc. […]

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So, You Think You Own Your DNA?

The answer may not be as simple as one would think. Have you used a commercial genetic testing service? Have you agreed to let your cancer provider, your physician, your academic medical provider or your employer have access to your […]

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CIO/CTO Call to Action: The New Era of Healthcare

I recall just a few years ago numerous blogs and postings indicating that the role of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) are dead. For those of you who have survived or who have been reborn, […]

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Blockchain, Tokenization, and the Consumerization of Health Care

Health care spending in the United States is higher than in other high-income countries.  From research reported recently in JAMA, in 2016 the United States spent nearly twice as much as 10 high-income countries on medical care and performed less […]

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