Blockchain in Health and Healthcare: Practical Application — Consumerism

I remember reading Michael Porter’s book, Redefining Health Care, shortly after I moved into the healthcare industry. I thought, “this makes sense” and “what have I gotten myself into”. Coming from a manufacturing and consumer products background, I was quite […]

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Yesterday’s Tech is Holding Healthcare Back

To make life better for millions of people, healthcare services and resources must become affordable and accessible. But traditional methods of delivering and paying forcare will never solve these problems. A key barrier to better care is ownership and control […]

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Blockchain in Health and Healthcare: Practical Applications — Portability

Let’s start with the market need for health and healthcare information portability.  At some point, consumers of health and healthcare services are going to refuse to complete yet another intake questionnaire.  When a consumer today crosses the “entity line”, be […]

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Blockchain and Tokenization make EHR Interoperability Irrelevant, and more importantly, create a marketplace for healthcare innovation.

Compared to other industries, consumerization has not disrupted or transformed Healthcare. Why is that? Billions have been spent on Electronic Health Records in order to improve patient safety, as well as to improve the affordability and the accessibility of healthcare. For millions of […]

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Tokenization in Healthcare

Tokenizing Healthcare

We’re living in a data-rich world! Throughout the course of our lives we will consume healthcare. These visits can span from something as routine as a well child visit for your toddler to the complex case of an elderly patient […]

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