Blockchain in Health and Healthcare: Practical Applications – Medication Management

Medication management represents a significant opportunity for blockchain and tokenization in health and healthcare.  As a country, the United States spends$450+ billion on prescription medications each year.  This equates to an average of $1,100/year for each person in the U.S. […]

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Better, More Affordable Care Can HappenUsing Blockchain Enabling Technology that Gives Patients Their Data

“Imagine a world if you’re collecting all of your health-care data from the time of birth all the way through your life.  We want to get to a point where patients have all of their health-care information in one place.”  […]

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Blockchain in Health and Healthcare: Practical Application — Consumerism

I remember reading Michael Porter’s book, Redefining Health Care, shortly after I moved into the healthcare industry. I thought, “this makes sense” and “what have I gotten myself into”. Coming from a manufacturing and consumer products background, I was quite […]

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Blockchain in Health and Healthcare: Practical Applications — Portability

Let’s start with the market need for health and healthcare information portability.  At some point, consumers of health and healthcare services are going to refuse to complete yet another intake questionnaire.  When a consumer today crosses the “entity line”, be […]

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The $210,000 Question and the TimiHealth Solution

The question is why so much? Surprisingly, that $210,000 figure is the average cost in one year for the top 1% of Medicare patients. The average Medicare patient has a yearly cost of approximately $10,000. What is it about the […]

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