Remember “Where’s the Beef?”, now it’s “Where’s My DNA?”

Remember “Where’s the Beef?”, now it’s “Where’s My DNA?”

You probably remember the first question in the title from Wendy’s widely publicized commercial campaign, even if you’re a vegetarian. But did you also know, the second question is very important because GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceuticals, the same Companies that just purchased Novartis’s consumer products subsidiary for 13 billion dollars) has purchased a stake in the DNA testing marketplace by investing 300 million dollars in Companies.

Therefore, my question, “Where’s My DNA?”, is very pertinent right now due to this partnership arrangement.  If you recently spit into a tube to find out where your ancestors originated, and became informed about some disease you may have a propensity to acquire in the future (say, Alzheimer’s); and you paid to have that saliva test analyzed, it wasn’t “Free” number one, and secondly, when your DNA data is sold (even though it may be de-identified data, but still yours) you won’t be compensated, or presumably, even know that your data has been accessed from some large “BIG data” environment.

This violation of your healthcare data privacy rights should be of concern to you. The future ramifications of these types of data mining are unknown, currently. One could always speculate on worst case scenarios in a not so futuristic setting like Michael Crichton’s, “Westworld” or “Jurassic Park”. Yes, there are many positive future products or discoveries that could be made, but the concept was supported by your DNA. Were you compensated for that contribution while others profited? Probably not!

Become a more aware patient/healthcare consumer, take control of your data, and own it. See the following blog from and read about the new distributed application (D’app) that Timi is developing around TimiDNA. Here’s an opportunity of having a secure place to store your DNA profile. You own it and monetize it through tokenization, if you desire to do so. Take control of your healthcare data now.

You can become one of 100,000 people that could get a free DNA test, on TimiDNA, start a private and secure profile, and get 20 Timicoin tokens for your contribution.

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