Realizing Deceit and How to Retake Control of Your Genetic DNA Data

Realizing Deceit and How to Retake Control of Your Genetic DNA Data

There is no doubt that concerns around our health care data–particularly its security and privacy—have been escalating in recent years.  The recent announcement that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is investing $300M in Companies to partner on leveraging genetic DNA data for pharmaceutical drug development with a 50/50 split on future profits further highlights the need for consumer ownership of their own data  (

While we all support the development of beneficial, perhaps even disease-curing drugs, the subterfuge surrounding the use of people’s personal health and genetic data is deeply concerning.  Thousands of people pay research companies substantial fees to obtain information regarding their heritage, genetic disposition for certain disease states, or pharmacologic compatibility with drug regimens.  Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware that the personal data gleaned from such tests can then be sold to any number of research organizations for huge profits—none of which are realized by the consumers themselves.

TimiHealth and its TimiDNA platform is driven by a mission to remedy these inequities by enabling consumers to own, control, and secure the totality of their health data, including that about their genetic DNA. TimiHealth is built on the principles of trust, transparency, and empowerment, with a goal of putting control back into the hands of the true owners of this valuable data—consumers themselves. TimiHealth’s blockchain technology secures health data in an ecosystem that allows individuals to see who wants to purchase their data, to determine whether or not that data is shared and/or sold, and to actually profit from sharing their information by tokenizing and monetizing said data.

TimiHealth encourages all individuals to take immediate control of their data. First, all available data should be downloadedinto the secure TimiDNAblockchain platform (available August 20, 2018 at Next, consumers should opt-out of all data sharing and marketing activities for each organization that holds their DNA data and request that it be deleted from their databases (

Timi means “honor” in Greek.  TimiHealth vows to honor every individual and that most sensitive genetic data that defines a person. It is our privilege to protect, secure, and empower everyone to control all aspects of its use.

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