Blockchain and Tokenization make EHR Interoperability Irrelevant, and more importantly, create a marketplace for healthcare innovation.

Compared to other industries, consumerization has not disrupted or transformed Healthcare. Why is that? Billions have been spent on Electronic Health Records in order to improve patient safety, as well as to improve the affordability and the accessibility of healthcare. For millions of […]

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Tokenization in Healthcare

Tokenizing Healthcare

We’re living in a data-rich world! Throughout the course of our lives we will consume healthcare. These visits can span from something as routine as a well child visit for your toddler to the complex case of an elderly patient […]

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On Truly Advancing Healthcare IT

Medicine, and the human body, is absolutely fascinating. And wonderfully complicated. Shouldn’t something as mission critical (truly life and death!) as medicine be one of the most advanced areas for technology to flex its rapidly-growing muscles? Maybe it is, in […]

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