A robust and comprehensive evidence base is critical in health care decision making. This has been recognized as a key element in explaining why the US health care system, comprising over 20% of the US economy, not only delivers health […]

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Blockchain in Health and Healthcare: Practical Applications – Medication Management

Medication management represents a significant opportunity for blockchain and tokenization in health and healthcare.  As a country, the United States spends$450+ billion on prescription medications each year.  This equates to an average of $1,100/year for each person in the U.S. […]

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The Data Integrity of Healthcare

We live in a new era where theft of our data, encroachment on our privacy and inappropriatehandling ofcustomer, employee& healthcare data has become prevalent. While payment card industry breaches have made headlines and grossly inconvenienced many, it pales in comparison […]

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Working smarter, not harder: Can being engaged in our health care data help pay off our loans?

Recently I had a combination of epiphanies that catapulted my thought process on how I could start making money off my health care data. Two things happened around the same time: Many of my friends were getting their DNA tested […]

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Better, More Affordable Care Can HappenUsing Blockchain Enabling Technology that Gives Patients Their Data

“Imagine a world if you’re collecting all of your health-care data from the time of birth all the way through your life.  We want to get to a point where patients have all of their health-care information in one place.”  […]

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