What Are Your Options now that Your DNA Data is Floating Around Out There?

Many articles, blogs, commentaries and news stories have been written recently regarding the deal between Companies and GlaxoSmithKline who’s announcement to to share genetic data in pursuit of developing new drugs has received backlash.  While I’m sure the intention of […]

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A robust and comprehensive evidence base is critical in health care decision making. This has been recognized as a key element in explaining why the US health care system, comprising over 20% of the US economy, not only delivers health […]

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Blockchain in Health and Healthcare: Practical Applications – Medication Management

Medication management represents a significant opportunity for blockchain and tokenization in health and healthcare.  As a country, the United States spends$450+ billion on prescription medications each year.  This equates to an average of $1,100/year for each person in the U.S. […]

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The Data Integrity of Healthcare

We live in a new era where theft of our data, encroachment on our privacy and inappropriatehandling ofcustomer, employee& healthcare data has become prevalent. While payment card industry breaches have made headlines and grossly inconvenienced many, it pales in comparison […]

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Working smarter, not harder: Can being engaged in our health care data help pay off our loans?

Recently I had a combination of epiphanies that catapulted my thought process on how I could start making money off my health care data. Two things happened around the same time: Many of my friends were getting their DNA tested […]

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