Did You Pay to Sell Your Soul (DNA) to Companies?

With the latest revelations by Companies  that they would limit how you can have access to your information from their testing, we have taken another step into the dystopian world where mega companies feel that they can do anything they […]

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From both individual patient and population health perspectives, blockchain technology offers, for the first time, the prospect of patients owning and controlling their own health data. A longitudinal blockchain heath record offers the patient immediate access to an encrypted, secure […]

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DNA Privacy, What’s mine is money

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to participate indata privacy discussions with global companies that are governed by the new European GDPR regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation or (GDPR) is a data privacy mandate from […]

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What’s with all the “Updates to Our Privacy Policies” ? Should consumers be worried ?

You may have noticed emails from companies a couple months ago about “Updates to Companies Privacy Policies.”  Why the sudden surge in policy updates? Companies from Twitter and Facebook to Grubhub and Uber recently updated their privacy policies in response […]

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What Does it Mean to have Your Data “Deidentified” ? And Why That is NOT Possible with Your DNA

The genetic testing companies desperately want to reassure you that when they share your DNA data with pharmaceutical manufacturers, or other entities, that they have stripped away “identifiers” so that you cannot be individually identified. Typically, this process involves “stripping” […]

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