How to fight back against healthcare DNA data loss to BIG Pharma companies

How to fight back against healthcare DNA data loss to BIG Pharma companies

If you’ve been watching the news recently, I’m sure you’ve seen that GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceuticals, the same Companies that just purchased Novartis’s consumer products subsidiary for 13 billion dollars) has purchased a stake in the DNA testing marketplace by investing 300 million dollars in Companies. This is very disconcerting due to the issue of healthcare data privacy that has long been protected by the well-known HIPAA regulations. Remember those waivers you signed about sharing of your information every time you go to the Dr’s office to see a new provider, or to get some new healthcare service administered to you, or go to a new Pharmacy for a prescription? Also, those tiny print clauses that you agreed to when you agree to laboratory or DNA testing? Well, it seems, that de-identified or anonymized data is not protected.

In other words, you spit into a tube, found out where your ancestors hailed from in the universe, and maybe also received a tiny bit of information about some disease you may have a propensity to acquire in the future; and you paid to have that saliva test analyzed, it wasn’t “Free”.

Now, GSK, is going to have access to your results, and they may use it to aid in the design of future pharmaceuticals that could treat some future disease that you may acquire. They will presumably file a patent with the FDA, spend 1 billion dollars and ten years developing this drug with randomized clinical trials (RCTs), etc., and then launch the product into the marketplace for an additional 7 years at an expensive price to recoup their research and development (R&D) costs, and make a very nice profit. What did you gain in that transaction?

Some may say, well, you benefited as a member of society that may have this disease and would potentially need to be treated. You know, the moral good and all. But, GSK couldn’t have developed this new product without that DNA analysis that you may have contributed to. The time is now, to wake up and see the fallacy of healthcare data privacy, and how the individuals that lose their privacy are effected.

Become a more aware patient/healthcare consumer, take control of your data, and own it. See the following blog from and read about the new distributed application (D’app) that Timi is developing around TimiDNA. Here’s an opportunity of having a secure place to store your DNA profile. You own it and monetize it through tokenization, if you desire to do so. Take control of your healthcare data now.

You can become one of 100,000 people that could get a free DNA test, on TimiDNA, start a private and secure profile, and get 20 Timicoin tokens for your contribution.

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