DNA Privacy, What’s mine is money

DNA Privacy, What’s mine is money

Over the past few months I have had the privilege to participate indata privacy discussions with global companies that are governed by the new European GDPR regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation or (GDPR) is a data privacy mandate from the European Union that requires companies to obtain consent for the collection and storage of theircitizens’ data. Many corporationshave had a challenging task with identifying what users were from Europe and which are not. Some companies decided to close their websites and information systems for a time, others decided to treat all users as if they were all from Europe with the most restrictive policy applied to all. Regulatory bodies such as the EU have recognized the importance of data ownership and we’ve witnessed a fundamental shift in our society to place emphasis on the integrity and ownership of data.

Many regulatory data privacy and ownership decisions are being made before the onslaught of the Internet of Things (IOT) data proliferation. It is estimated in the data storage industry that within the next 3 years, all data that has ever been recorded will more than double due to IOT device data collection. Clear distinction of ownership has to be defined not only for those transmitting and storing data, but more importantly the individuals who should own it. Entire economies based on data will emerge from IOT which create ability to monetize specific use cases. It is my hope that the individual data owners will be afforded to receive gain from technology data solutions as they develop in the future.

We observe many parallels between IOT’s big data and DNA at home testing services. With DNA testing, participants pay a small fee to receive a testing kit in where one would fill a vial full of saliva and send back to the Companies. The testing Companies then categorizes and banks the data for individuals to view. It is a compelling service. What most did not know when they first signed up to take part in the service was that some of the companieswere collecting patient’s personal DNA data to be sold without monetary benefit to the data owner. I feel strongly that if my own data is to be shared with other companies, I should have the right to approve of this transaction and be compensated for information that belongs to me.

Thankfully there are solutions available in the market that do exactly just what is needed. A secure DNA testing service that allows the patient to own, control and financially benefit from their data. I’d like to introduce you to TimiDNA. TimiDNA is the first DNA Blockchain service that secures sensitive DNA health data for your use only. The blockchain allows forconsumers to not only have a highly secure location to store this information, but in addition, at the consent of the individual also monetize their information where the patient stands to profit. TimiHealth has a HIPAA compliant blockchain that allows for multiuse health applications. TimiDNA will use this underlying blockchain technology provided by TimiHealth with DNA testing.

I highly encourage you to continue to explore how Timincoin/TimiHealth is defining the new era of healthcare by visiting and by following the Companies on Twitter
TIMI — τῑμή • (tīmḗ) Ancient Greek ‘ Honor’

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