Did You Pay to Sell Your Soul (DNA) to Companies?

Did You Pay to Sell Your Soul (DNA) to Companies?

With the latest revelations by Companies  that they would limit how you can have access to your information from their testing, we have taken another step into the dystopian world where mega companies feel that they can do anything they wish with your information. The recent article in Blomberg spells out the problems with these companies and the coverup that they are engaging in with their latest PR efforts. ( )

GlaxoSmithKline just invested $300 million in Companies. The companies would like to try to convince you not to worry about that investment because it is for “research” and that your data is anonymized. They are flat out lying to you. Since you are your DNA it is impossible to “anonymize” your information, as it is unique to you. Also, these companies report specific SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) to you on a small range of your DNA. What do they do with the rest of your DNA and the results from that work.

Who are the various vendors that Companies sell your information to and what do they do with it? Do you have a right to know? For now, the unfortunate answer is that if you signed the terms and conditions for these companies you effectively have NO rights to your own DNA. Nor do you have any rights to any discoveries from any “research” done on your DNA. To add insult to injury, you probably paid these companies to “test” your DNA without realizing that they could care less about you and more about amassing a giant database that they could sell to the highest bidder. Since there are familial connections between the founders of Companies and Google, one could speculate that Google’s vast database about you might have found its way into comingling with your DNA data. Of course, we might never know because both companies are hidden behind layers of legal terms and conditions and being the peons that we are, we are just not entitled to know what has become of our information. Is it so far-fetched to believe that Google/Companies are creating DNA/psychometric profiles of individuals in the US?

I have always felt that one should never trust Facebook or Google, and now let’s add to that list Companies. They do not deserve your trust or your data.

So, what should you do before Companies blocks your access to your information? Demand the return of all of your information and deletion from their database. Remove all of your demographics from Google and Facebook and Companies. My recommendation is to store your data on a secure blockchain system (TimiDNA) designed to put you in control of your life again. Don’t sell your life to a group of self-important companies who could care less about you, and only care exactly how much money that they can make from your individual and personal characteristics.

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