CIO/CTO Call to Action: The New Era of Healthcare

CIO/CTO Call to Action: The New Era of Healthcare

I recall just a few years ago numerous blogs and postings indicating that the role of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) are dead. For those of you who have survived or who have been reborn, I am confident that it is because you transitioned your role and focus from Information and Technology to Innovation and Transformation.  There is no doubt in mind that you adopted an enterprise architecture approach and invested in the necessary people, process and technology to optimize existing business capabilities or to introduce new business capabilities.

Technology innovation is moving at a speed like never before and continues to accelerate us into a new digital era. As IT leaders we must quickly learn how to take advantage of such innovation in a way thatempowers us to optimizestakeholder experiences andcut costs while also addressing security and compliance considerations. A few technologies that are at the forefront of the digital revolution are blockchain and crypto.  People are suggesting that the impact of blockchain will be as significant as that of the Internet.

As innovative and transformative leaders, we cannot afford to start with a technology focused lens; however we must understand the technology and be prepared to explain the benefits that a given technology hasin terms of impacting business capabilities. We must leveragea top down design approach where requirements live at the highest layer and lead us to a set of relevant design considerations. As part of the design phase we need to evaluate how the solution capabilities will provide the necessary performance, scale, and security to address existing challenges in a sustainable manner.

Healthcare CIOs and CTOs are in luck as healthcare is in desperate need to undergo a complete transformation. Personal health data is currently not used efficiently nor effectively due to fragmented information created and isolated throughout hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies, and laboratories 1 . Sharing healthcare data from one institution to another has been a complex task due to privacy concerns and fear that sharing information will give others a competitive advantage 2,3 . Today’s electronic medical records (EMRs) have varying data standards that inhibit interoperability since records are not compatible between systems. Inconsistent rules and permissions prohibit health organizations from accessing real-time patient data3 .

Timicoin/TimiHealth has developed a working blockchain solution that will secure healthcare information in this new era and make the notion of a traditional health information exchange (HIE) obsolete. The blockchain solution will effectively deliver patient records in a consistent, real-time and secure HIPPA compliant manner, only to be accessed via a smart contract after patient authorization. If you are one of the few CIOs and CTOs that have transitioned your focus from Information and Technology to Innovation and Transformation then read the following white paper to understand how you can deliver an optimized environment where health data is structured, secured, and leads to better data utility as well as improved patient care outcomes.

———Timicoin Platform White Paper———

Download Timicoin White Paper

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